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  • Multi Stake

    Multi Stake Play now
    Fans of the SupaTron and the SuperStake recognize the MultiStake. The only difference: winnings are truly high on the MultiStake. This VIP PowerLounge Exclusive slot machine is loved by risk takers and dare devils. Play with bets of 40, 80 or even 160 points in the upper game. A bet of 160 points guarantees 1000 points when you score three pears, bars or crowns!
  • Empire

    Empire Play now
    Save your credits automatically on the Empire’s win banks. When the win bank reaches its limits, the credits are automatically transferred to the higher bank. You can also manually transfer your winnings by playing the 0-10 game. Play up to 10,000 points on the upper game. This is your chance. This is your game. This is your Empire.
  • Golden Oldie Deluxe

    Golden Oldie Deluxe Play now
    The name says it all: this is the luxurious version of the Golden Oldie we all know and love. If you want to feel like a high roller without a care in the world, the Golden Oldie Deluxe is your game! Bets can be rewarded with very high winnings. Are the odds on your side? Get comfortable in free mode if you’d like, or bet real money if you feel lucky!
  • Lucky Chips

    Lucky Chips Play now
    A new original addition to VIP Powerlounge, Lucky Chips!
  • Turbo Mega Jackpot

    Turbo Mega Jackpot Play now
    There are many ways to win with the Turbo Mega Jackpot! Bet 10 credits in the normal game, 40 for multiple joker combinations or go all out with 160 credits per spin and earn Mystery credits for every joker. Four equal symbols mean you win the Turbo Mega Jackpot. So calm your Jackpot jitters and give the new and improved Turbo Mega Jackpot a mega spin!
  • Mega Gems

    Mega Gems Play now
  • Event Horizon

    Event Horizon Play now
    Venture beyond the event horizon, go farther, faster, and win bigger than anyone!
  • Fruit Zen

    Fruit Zen Play now
    Find your inner Zen, possibly amongst fruit? Who knows, give it a try!
  • Turbospinner XXL

    Turbospinner XXL Play now
    The titan of the Timer range. Win up to 2000 credits on this off-the-charts slot machine! The Turbospinner XXL is known for its comfortable gaming experience with the auto play function, but is loved for its odds. With a maximum of no less than 10 win lines, many combinations are possible and make winning easy.
  • Fresh Fruits

    Fresh Fruits Play now
    You can never have enough Fresh Fruit, enjoy some in this 5-reel slots with 40 win lines!
  • More Fresh Fruits

    More Fresh Fruits Play now
    Are you getting your five a day? What you need is More Fresh Fruits, and raise the stakes in our new five reel slot.
  • Mega Glam Life

    Mega Glam Life Play now
    Win up to 100.000 euro with this new slot ! Are you the first one to win this ?
  • Wild Runner

    Wild Runner Play now
    Let the fruits run wild, with this classic slot - the Wild Runner!
  • Mega MultiTimer

    Mega MultiTimer Play now
    Do you like MultiTimer Jackpot? Then meet its big brother, Mega MultiTimer! The stakes are high and the odds are smiling at you. So treat yourself to the wealth only Mega MultiTimer can provide!
  • Super Box

    Super Box Play now
    Three reel fun in this tiny but mighty box of fruit, try out the Super Box!
  • Ultra Fresh

    Ultra Fresh Play now
    Like your fruit fresh? Then you'll love it Ultra Fresh! Check out one of our new game additions, with this bright, fresh, fun, three reel slot.
  • Classic VIP

    Classic VIP Play now
    This versatile classic is an all-time favorite of many visitors. With many betting options and great odds, the Classic VIP is fun to play and easy to love. Try the Classic VIP feeling for a while in free mode before playing for real money, and find out why you love it so much!
  • Vertigo

    Vertigo Play now
    Rolls are spinning out of control and winnings are breaking every record known to slot machines! The Vertigo is enormous in every way. If the ten rolls in the top game don’t dazzle you, the stakes definitely will. Earn up to 25,600 credits every turn! Have a go with this unique game and experience the thrill of high stakes!
  • Jokers Time Deluxe

    Jokers Time Deluxe Play now
    Jokers Time Deluxe is all fun and games, until you see the stakes. By betting up to 450 credits per turn, you understand why this is a true VIP PowerLounge machine. This is no game for ordinary players. Only real gamers should be allowed. Are you looking to place serious bets that can earn you serious winnings? Then Jokers Time Deluxe is your game!
  • Devil's Fruit

    Devil Play now
    Devil's Fruit is a true beauty straight out of hell! Tame this beast by betting 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 150 or even 200 credits per spin! Build up credits with the 0-10 game and earn serious winnings. Three devils of the same color means you win up to 5000 credits! So turn up the heat with Devil's Fruit.
  • GigaBurst

    GigaBurst Play now
    GigaBurst is one big betting bonanza! For example, you can collect the stars on the extra rolls. A star on each win line will be added on the star meter of the same color. When the star meter is full, you win the Mystery prize! You can also try the top game and play with up to 450 credits per bet. Giga Bets, Giga Winnings, GigaBurst!